Sealing a business deal with a handshake has not gone out of fashion whatsoever. If we want to trust our partners and colleagues, then we need real relationships with one another. Trust needs time to grow. That is why it is important for Würth to not only establish long-term partnerships with customers but to maintain those relationships.

Real relationships

Barbara Millicent Roberts, or Barbie® for short, is probably one of the most well-known, albeit one of the most controversial, toys in the world. Barbie® is not just accused of glorifying our consumerist society: ever since the doll was launched on the market back in the 1950s, she has been accused of promoting an unrealistic body image. Barbie® is also the perfect woman living with the perfect man in a perfect dream house – with fashionable clothes, a car, a horse, a swimming pool and everything that a little girl might dream of – or everything that the manufacturer thinks a little girl should dream of. “Life in plastic – itʼs fantastic!” was the irony-laden song by the Swedish band Aqua in the 1990s.

But would life in plastic really be so fantastic? Looking at the frozen smiles of those around us every morning, having plastic relationships instead of real ones with rough edges, bad days and changing moods? We would be trapped in a fantastical dream that soon turns out to be a nightmare. Barbie®'s world might seem picture-perfect from the outside, but would we really swap with her? Exactly.

Barbie® is a registered trademark of Mattel Inc., USA

Real trust

Good, long-term relationships are founded on trust. As much as we would like to have everything under control, this is virtually impossible nowadays with our highly complex business processes. No, the modern (business) world requires us to trust our partners and colleagues – and that poses a big ask. Trust has a unique quality of its own. It cannot be programmed and cannot be compared to, or replaced by, anything else. Trust always requires something up front to begin with. It does not just materialize by itself, but needs time and practice. And anyone who trusts also runs the risk of being disappointed. Those who dare to trust nonetheless stand to get a lot back in return.

Real business

The key to success is a personal relationship that has developed over a period of many years – partnership with customers. This is the inner core of the Würth universe, a global network of 1,700 branch offices and more than 71, 000 employees. When sales representatives greet customers with a handshake, they create a link to this universe and give the network a personal, authentic face. The company’s values are reflected in the sales representative’s enthusiasm and passion: high quality standards, good service, proximity to our customers. So it is no wonder that, when our sales representative turns up on the door step, you hear the call: “Würth’s here!”
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