What is actually the difference between real, high-quality products and copies? A copy does not have a creative origin. This is because, the actual inventor behind a product is what defines the true character of the original. Würth takes the quality of and the innovative approach to its products very seriously. And that is precisely what Würth’s customers cherish.

Original and copy

How can you recognize the authenticity of ...? In most cases, a trained eye can recognize whether something is genuine or not. For anyone who is not an expert, it is more difficult, which is why fake branded goods are so successful. How, for example, can you recognize real gold? Do you use the “bite test” alluded to by the Olympic medalists? That would not really be advisable, because only pure gold is soft enough for you to leave bite marks in it. Most pieces of jewelry or coins are made of gold alloys and are much harder. Even the Olympic gold medals now consist of more than 90 silver. So all that glitters certainly is not gold.

Screw with a head

And what makes a product real? The main difference between the original and the fake lies in the story behind it: the original has an idea, a new concept, an inventor behind it. The fake merely imitates the end result, skipping the creative process involved in designing the product. However, the copy would not be possible without the original. A copy is never an action – it is always a reaction.

The inventor: Andreas Wunderlich has been responsible for ASSY®, which is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, since 1997.

Describing something as asymmetrical and symmetrical at the same time might appear illogical at first glance, but this contradiction is precisely the secret behind the ASSY® screw. The asymmetrical and symmetrical thread cuts into wood faster than normal threads do. It does this by reducing the tension in the fibers, thus ensuring that the wood does not split as much. The end mill is also a feature of many ASSY® screws and is another innovation which, together with the milling pockets, allows the screw to be sunk as evenly and smoothly as possible. The patented AW drive in the screw head combines the best of Phillips-drive and star-drive models – ensuring optimal power transmission.

Since 1997, Andreas Wunderlich (photo), who holds a degree in engineering, has been responsible for the further development of the ASSY® screws. He invented the ring thread of the ASSY® 3.0, which was launched in 2008 / 2009. “It is not necessarily the major developments that determine the success of the ASSY® screw,” says Wunderlich, “Rather, it is the wide range of different head shapes, lengths or thread diameters. Our customers value the top quality, which is why our sales force enjoys selling them."




By the way: Like all Würth products, you can purchase the ASSY® screw via several channels:
- From your sales representative
-  In the online shop:
- At a branch office
- Via the Würth App

Real life for real money

Today, we trade time for money and money for products. These trades used to be more direct in the past. Just like in the past, every successful trade is a little miracle. Both sides give something and both sides receive something – and both emerge as winners. Back in the Stone Age, the deal was: “Make some arrowheads for me and I’ll cook you dinner.” Today, the arrowhead production process is much more complex, not to mention the marketing and sale of manufactured goods. We have also replaced the mammoth hunt with much more complex processes. Supply and demand is now conveyed in monetary terms, both for products and for labor. We can only do real, good business if we offer and maintain real values on the basis of mutual respect and appreciation – a good basis for real life.

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